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Monday, November 17, 2008

What gets your blood pumping?

I finally got enough will power to make it to the gym this morning and yet stood on my treadmill, not moving, trying to figure out what play list to work out to. I was trying to decide between Rihanna, Upbeat country, or my Africa play list. Well, I was in an 'excited-about-Africa' of course that won! There is something incredible about the medley of African drum beats intertwined with the powerful voices of an African. What a rhythm. It doesn't take just a treadmill to get my heart racing and blood pumping. There are many things in life that excite me, African music being one of them. As I was running, I got to thinking...what other type of things excite/motivate/move&shake me? Here's just 10 things I came up with throughout the day... Trust me, there's more!

1. African Music
2. Powerful Worship
3. Movies that make you want to do more then just live your life for yourself
4. Photography
5. Inspiring stories from people who have made a difference for Christ
6. Organizations that are thriving in making an impact on this earth
7. Being encouraged whether by service or words.
8. Spiritually stimulating conversations
9. Exploring new places.
10. Time alone with God.


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