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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Life and growing up

I have a feeling these blogs seem to be heading down the "Debbie Downer" road sooo, I'm just gonna lighten it up for a bit with a "life" blog... just life! I figure it can't hurt.

When you were a child, did you ever have a childhood dream? Like a dream to go to Disney World, own a pony, have Christmas every day of the year? Yeah, come were a kid at one point, of course you did! Haha, I kinda laugh at mine because it wasn't the normal girl dream of a pony or prince charming...I always dreamed of going to a Military Ball. No joke. It must have been growing up with my parents always going to these Balls, dressing up, coming home late, and talking about the events from the night before that sparked my interest at such an early age. The hilarious thing is how many "close calls" I've had to having this dream fulfilled and yet, no dice. Ok, so at the time I didn't think its so hilarious (my housemates can definitely attest to that!). But lets face it, when things fall through time and time and time and time and time again (ok you get the point.) tends to be expected, therefore hilarious.

In the past, when these opportunities arose, in most cases, it was not my choice that these Balls fell through. Once i graduated from college, I expected these opportunities to diminish. So I threw in the glass slipper dreams for those of mosquito repellent and flip flops. Quite different dreams, but I'm learning that dreams can change over time as your bigger ambitions in life get molded as God shows you new "jobs" he wants you to complete for his glory.

This morning, one of my housemates called me saying "Kate....whatever you are doing tonight, cancel it!!! I know someone who needs a date to the Marine Corps Ball, and You are gonna go!" Of course my immediate response went straight towards my dreams from yesteryear's. What a sweetheart my roommate was to call me and tell me of this opportunity. But, unfortunately (or fortunately...however you choose to look at it) I am realizing that responsibilities that bring you to your adult dreams need to come before my childhood dream. As my mom always says, "Ten years down the road, what are you gonna remember more____ or_____?" In this case, I had photo shoots today and tomorrow to complete (All the money going towards my Kenya Support fund). Knowing that, I couldn't justify calling those families up and asking them to cancel their shoots so that I could go to a military ball. This time, I had to be responsible...Ahhh-responsibility?!?!?! (Ok fine, I also had some help from Kiki, my Mom and Kate who urged me not to drive down to the Ball.) But my point being, I have to remember my task at hand: Getting to Africa. All in all, Ten years down the road, I'd like to look back and remember having enough support to get myself on the plane with a one-way ticket, Destination: Kenya.

Its funny the little things that cause you to realize you are growing up. Drinking a steady cup of coffee every morning, setting up your own Doctor's appointments, discussing books rather then movies...whatever it may be, growing up is inevitable...It happens...but loosing your sense of adventure doesn't have to. For instance, I recently heard of a family who's husband is spending his tour of duty in Iraq, leaving his wife and two kids at home for a half a year or so. Not knowing many people in their new town, This woman decided to pack up her two kids for three months and "world school" them. In a week, they are leaving for New Zealand where they are renting a hippy van and driving throughout the country, "world schooling" along the way. Sure, as a mom, she has her responsibilities but from the looks of it, didn't once have to compromise her sense of adventure!

I'd say trading a small dream for a more responsible adventurous life sounds like a pretty good deal to me! I just pray that I never get too "grown up" and loose the spirit of adventure I crave.

Sarah, I'm praying for you tonight and hope you feel like Cinderella! :) You deserve to wear that glass slipper! I'm expecting a phone call tonight to hear ALL about it!


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