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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

God is Merciful

Indeed, God is merciful. There are so many different ways to describe our Lord. Good, wonderful, faithful, amazing.... all are easy to roll off the tongue. Lately I've been thinking about how easy I can say when things go "my way" and how difficult it is to say them when things don't go "my way." No matter which twist and turns our life takes us...God still remains: Good, wonderful, faithful, amazing...Its my attitude and outlook on life that needs an adjustment when it comes to referring to God.

Last week I got in an accident on the Beltway. The details seem unimportant at this point but to say that God spared my life is true. The force of the impact and type of accident I was involved in was one that I should not have walked away from, nor should anyone else in the other cars involved. God is indeed, merciful. That day was filled with friends, family and I thanking and praising God for keeping me safe. Like I said, it was so easy to let those words roll off my tongue. "God, thank you for keeping me safe! You are wonderful, faithful, amazing..." I started thinking later- If the outcome of that accident were not as they were, would that make God any less than he already is? No, not at all.

I started thinking a lot after that accident about my own personal view of my Savior, and I think to be honest, it was more selfish then I would like to admit. If I had not been able to walk away from that accident without sever injuries I wonder what I would have been saying to God...if anything. This is not the type of one-sided, do-for-me relationship I want with the Creator of the Universe. He deserves more from me then praising him when things go "my way." But lets face it, with God, "ALL things work together for good." (Romans 8:28) so why then, do I struggle to praise him in the tough times? Hmm, guess I'm human!

This is a part of my character that I would like to work on...being able to praise God when life hits me hard. I feel like so much joy can be squeezed out of life if you are going through it in-step with the Lord knowing that no matter what comes your way, He is the one in control. He is the one who is wonderful, faithful, amazing... NO MATTER the circumstance.

So, as I'm facing hardships with fund raising to go to Kenya, I have to remember to praise the Lord. It is no surprise to him that the economy is hard on everyone right now and it will be no surprise to him the exact date that the money will come in and the day prepared for me to set foot in Kenya. Ohhh what a great day that will be! I so look forward to it but will continue praising God in America until that day comes!

So, until then, I'm pressing forward..."chin up, champ!"

"Be still, and know that I am God;
I will be exalted among the nations,
I will be exalted in the earth."
Psalm 46:10


Whitney said...

hey kate!
i was stalking the dollhouse blog and saw the link to yours... so here i am! :)
i am glad that you are safe, and also convicted by the things you thought. i regularly let the mundane keep me from being joyful, forgetting how much i have to be thankful for and what a great God i serve!
i will be praying for you and your fundraising. care to send me a letter?

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