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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Morning coffee.

There is something precious about having my window next to my bed and being able to look out, first thing in the morning and seeing God's beautiful creation. Each and every morning, there is something new... leaves falling, wind blowing, snowflakes drifting, squirrels chasing... I just like laying there and looking at how creative He is...ok fine, and laying under the warm covers an extra few minutes isn't so bad either. This morning, once I got out of bed, I made myself a cup of coffee and got into the Word...another precious morning moment. With the study of Joshua I'm going through, I got to read about Rahab this morning. And I got to thinking about scripture reading and how all too often I don't take a step back and think of scripture through the eyes of these kind of Characters.

Hmm, what that must have been like for a prostitute (ok, I'm not ending that phrase there) to have 2 men show up at her door seeking shelter, nothing more. Being a prostitute, no doubt she must have been looked down upon by everyone in Jericho. And then one day.. "Knock, Knock." Two men show up at her door. I'm sure she assumed what they came for, but little did she know that God had picked HER to join in his plan. She got in on some pretty sweet stealth action...what a mission! Its just great how God uses the overlooked and the unexpected to help with his mission on this earth. When Rahab opened her door that day little did she know what she was getting incredible. She was also quite the fierce be able to mislead the King to spare the lives of the spies. Her life, for sure was expendable to the King and her hiding the spies must have put her in more danger and yet she remained faithful. Wow. And through her faithfulness to our God, Rahab and her family were spared from Jericho's Crumbling walls...the very place where she lived (in the walls). Pretty cool if you ask me, I don't, that's the way I see it! ;)

As the man says, 'not a sermon, just a thought'


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