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Monday, November 10, 2008

It Is Well

Hmm...tonight I decided to refresh myself on African news. I've been taking a little hiatus from it all, as it began to scare me a bit. Wrong night to pick it back up!

Headline: Italian Nuns Kidnapped in Kenya.

awesome...yeah, not so much. Hmm. Times like this I have to rest in the verse Hebrew 9:27
"And just as it is appointed for man to die once..." Ok that might not seem like an encouraging verse in this kind of situation, but to me it is. I had a talk with my dad tonight about what happened today in Kenya and he reminded me of this verse. God has already appointed a time in my life that I will pass on from this earth. Death happens, its natural and nothing you can do will stop it. Ok, I'll admit, this all does sound a little extreme to me considering the fact that these nuns haven't been killed or anything, but I guess I'd be lying if I didn't say that my mind can't help but jump to that possible conclusion. (Right now I'm praying for those women). But see, here is where that verse becomes encouraging. Even death is in the Lords hands. If right now is not the appointed time for these women to die, then nothing can take them from this earth. God is not yet finished using them here.

I guess this idea applies to my accident a few weeks ago. Although all signs and facts show that I should not have walked away from that accident in the condition I did, fact of the matter is, I did! That accident was not my appointed time to leave this earth.

Stories like the one I read tonight do, indeed, scare me...I am human! I guess I can continue in my journey towards Africa confident in this...No matter what happens to me in Africa (or here), I am COMPLETELY in the Lord hands. Phew...easy for me to watch me try to apply this in the upcoming year!


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I like that you're posting again :)

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