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Monday, January 5, 2009

How do you pack for a year?

 Starting tonight, the packing frenzy begins!  Many people have been asking me how you pack and prepare for living overseas for a year (+)...I thought I'd show you all!  The three black cases will hold all my clothes, bedding, office supplies, and other odds and ends I'll need in Kenya.  The case on the right already has my bike inside in a dozen pieces....I'm sure I'll have an awesome time trying to put that together again! (wish I could pack up that little guy in the corner!)

Some packing prayer request:  
1) My camera lens decided to break this weekend.  I had to ship it off today...pray that it gets fixed by Monday!
2) My Doctor has delayed my medical release form...pray all my tests get in on time.
3) Pray I pack everything I think I need!
3) Pray that I get to see all friends and family before I leave!


Kate. said...

f.y.i. that white box is almost as tall as me. translation: that is a heck of a lot of stuff that will be packed. woooah.

Justin said...

Hey Kate. It was fun spending time with your blog tonight. Glad to know at the moment you're right upstairs. Next week God will be the one to connect us through prayer...also our MACS will help, too. I love you, my precious are one amazing lady and I'm looking forward to all that God has in store for you. Love you! Mom

Mark, Kathy, Maureen and Clare Sawyer said...

Your Mom is right--"you are one amazing lady"! We are reminded of that each year as we unpack our Christmas decorations, including the wreaths and the frame you secretly made with the girls while babysitting so many years ago (it seems!).
Know that you're in our prayers.

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