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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Here at Last

Jambo! (Hello!) Our plane finally touched down last night at 11:40! It took a little longer then expected, but hey...I'm learning to be flexible! It was fun though, since yesterday was my birthday, I got to spend it in 3 countries!!! We landed on the 17th in London, then had a problem with the plane which caused us to Land in Cairo, then arrived in Kenya!

The Lord did some amazing things during the traveling...amazing things that reminded me Who went before me and paved the way. I wanted to share some of these with you!

1. First was that I was very concerned about my carry-on luggage fitting on the plane. I had to take 2 computers, charger cords, external harddrives, 2 cameras, 4 lenses and all my other necessary carry-on items. To say the least, my bags were HUGE. Because of security reasons I was not allowed to check any of these items, so it was imperative that my huge bags were allowed on with me. As I'm standing in the Newark Airport, this random security guard for British Airways comes up to my group to tell us that our carry-on luggage looks to huge. I was so nervous at this point and became even more nervous as he pointed to my bags but then so relieved to hear what he had to say about them, "These bags right here...these are fine for carry-ons." WHAT???? Wow what a blessing that out of ALL the bags he chose to point out my bags to use as an example!

2. In the London airport we had to navigate a maze of escalators with hundreds of our closest impatient friends! As I reached the top of one of the escalators I felt a pull on my left pant leg and turned around to see it being sucked into the worst nightmare! I've heard horror stories of this but one tough pull and just an inch of missing fabric, my pants are fine!

3. When we finally reached Nairobi last night I went with my team to search through the luggage line for find our bags and boxes. We kept seeing bags going through the moving bag line and all of a sudden I see this sign on the line passing me that says "Missing Bags" and then...dun dun dun "Kate Joyce." Awesome! Ha I great this will be to be in Nairobi, leaving for a new city in a few days and no luggage! I prayed really hard that it would not be my box #1 that I packed for what I'll need for my first 2 months. A few moments later, box #1 came around the corner. Then #2, then #3, then #4! Praise God...the only box missing was my bike! Yeah, its still my bike but at least it wasn't something I needed right away!

I hope that encouraged you all to hear some of the things the Lord did just in the past 24 hours! My roommate Kim and I woke up this morning and headed to Church! Let me tell you....You haven't heard the song "Our God is an Awesome God." if you haven't heard it sung from the Beautiful voices of an African choir! It sent chills up my spine and just gave me this overwhelming relief knowing...I'M HERE...I'M really here! I hope one day you all will be able to experience the beauty of Africa voices filling the room! We also got a special treat at church today...The Vice President of Kenya himself was worshiping with us! He prayed over America and its new transition to Obama-how awesome is that....all the way over here they are praying for you guys at home!

After Church, my friend Kim called some of her friends who are missionaries in Nairobi and they picked us up to share a Chinese meal with them! After missing the past 3 meals, it was such a blessing! They are such a sweet family...and it was great, apparently this Chinese restaurant is where tons of missionaries go after church on Sundays. I got to meet about 25 missionaries with AIM including some of my Media team members! After lunch they brought us to a market and I got my first "Java House" drink...double espresso chino. Let me tell you, that espresso didn't make a dent in this jet-lag!

Ok well my battery is dying! Just wanted to update you guys! Miss you and love you all. Thanks for all your prayers and encouragement! I'll write soon, Internet permitting!


Deshua said...

Sooooooooooooo good to hear of your adventure and know that you're seeing it all through the lens of God. He sure has done some mighty work for you these past few days. I was so excited to hear that you met so many missionaries. That's bonding, huh? Several people at church asked about you. Thanks for updating your blog and we will try to stay online so we can ichat whenever. It is almost 9:00pm where you are and maybe you're asleep already...that I can understand. The whole Joyce family sends our love!
Love you, sweetheart. Mom

Anonymous said...

So encouraged the Lord has delivered you there safely! Praying for you like whoa - and check your email!

Kate. said...

Hooray hooray! :) I loved being able to read this update, and to hear the joy that the Lord is pouring out as you arrive. What a blessing and a welcome for you! The Lord is indeed good.

LOVE you, friend!

Praying always,

Andrew & Susan said...

Wanted you to know that we put your newsletter in Charlotte's (4 year old) prayer binder to remind us to intercede for you at least once a week at bedtime. We'll also monitor the blog so she can learn in real time what it is like serving the LORD full time!

Maribeth said...

Hi Kate!
I just got your blog link and was thrilled to be able to read about how you are and rejoice with you at the goodness of God! Please know that you will be in our prayers.... everyday! God is going to teach you so much- just keep holding on to HIS almighty hand!

God Bless you.... does not seem possible to me that the little girl with stripped tights and pony tails is all grown up serving Jesus in a country that she loves so much!

Maribeth for all the Lindemuth's

Kara said...

So encouraged to read your update and glad that you're there safely. Praise the Lord for the little blessings, like luggage that is not too large. I will continue to pray for you as you settle in!

Courtney said...

ahhh! praying for you! i can't imagine singing with all those beautiful african voices!

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