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Wednesday, January 14, 2009


And so it begins...or almost!  As I told a friend today....BRING IT ON!  
I have a HUGE praise already...I know, I know I haven't even left the states yet, but you can't praise God TOO much, now can you?  I feel as though the last few days have been so emotional for me...sorry for all those who saw the deep dark ugly cry!  Even coming up to AIM's headquarters today I felt very sad.  Its like I'm almost gone but not quite.  I want to hang on to every second with my family and friends knowing that it will be my last for some months.  But at the same time, I know I need to go.  Even if I waited a few months to feel more "ready" it would still be just as hard. back to my praise!  After dinner tonight I went back to my room to write some letters and chat with Megs online (she just got into JMU by the way!  GO DUKES!)  and I just sat there waiting for my roommate to walk in the room.  I found out that her flight was delayed and that she wouldn't be in for another 2 hours.  I was so curious as to what she would be like.  Finally I went downstairs to see if she had sneaked in... still no sign.  I made her up a plate for dinner and went back up stairs to write some more letters.  I started feeling sad again knowing how many families were on our team.  I wished so much that I was actually apart of a family going, better yet I wished MY family was going with me.  A few minutes later I heard Kimberly walking down the hallway.  The second she walked into the room and said hello I had to jump up and give her a hug...She is SO great!  We sat downstairs while she ate dinner and just talked and talked about how God has brought us to the place he has.  We also chatted about the difficulties of being single woman and moving to Africa and of the emotional sadness we face with leaving.  She is great, and God is good.  This is JUST the emotional encouragement I needed right now.   Unfortunately she will be moving to Tanzania shortly after our Orientation time, but I've got 3 weeks to get to hang out with her and what a blessing that will be! 

I hope to be updating as soon as I can!  For now, though, please be praying for my emotions with leaving... they tend to go all over the place right now!  :)  I miss you all and thanks for such a great send off...I love you all!


San said...

Just stumbled across your blog tonight, I will be praying that you have a safe trip, and that God will protect you, and use you to show people His love. God Bless!

Michelle said...

Your blog is an inspiration. My daughter is hoping to do something similar one day. My heart creeps up into my throat when I think of it. But, God was gracious enough to trust me with her for over 17 years now, so I guess I can trust him with the rest. Wah!
I hope you don't mind, I'd like to follow your blog. I wish you well, and may God's hand be upon you always.
By the way, just happened to 'find' you clicking on Next Blog...
God is great!

Courtney said...

praying, praying, PRAYING for you, kate. you are never far from my mind. update as often as you can, ok??

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