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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

True Christmas Love

I love, love, LOVE Christmas time. There is something about how everyone and everywhere tries to cater to the comfy cozy feel of the season. Whether its a coffee shop or the dentist office, Christmas cheer finds its way into every nook and cranny around. I love the fact that I can be sitting in my car listening to 97.1, get out walk across a parking lot, enter a store, and once again, Carols fill the air. One thing I don't like is how fast everyone feels they need to go this time of year. You look at families on TV and they act like all's well with peace on earth as they deck the halls and encourage carolers to come and bring figgy pudding. But thats TV, not reality. Instead I see families running from event to event, bundling up, grabbing the newest gadget to put under the tree.

As much as I love the Holidays and how they beg you to be close to your loved ones, I do have to say....we need to remember what we really are celebrating. I wonder if keeping the Birth of our Savior at the forefront of our minds would help slow down the holiday panic. I almost feel like people put a manger scene in their front yard or in their house to rid themselves of this guilt so that people "know" they have not forgotten what the real meaning of Christmas is. I'm just as guilty of this and often have to stop myself and remember what is the whole meaning of this holiday anyways.

I've heard a song recently that has helped me to remember what was truly sacrificed for us...the biggest gift one can give and did give for us. Its called "Manger Throne" by Third Day. This song helped me to remember that Christ...the KING of kings came down to our earth...the very earth He created. He came down to a place full of sin and heartache for you and me. Out of love, he humbled Himself and came a helpless baby who's purpose on earth was to be the sacrificial Lamb so that we may experience eternal life with Him. How is anything in that beautiful story selfish? Its not. Its merely Love.


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