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Wednesday, December 10, 2008


"Kate, can you pack your bags and be ready by the 16th?" Yes indeed, those were the words asked of me today from headquarters as they put me in the clear to leave this January. 100%. Amazing. Who would have guessed a few months God can change my percentage from 0%-100% (well I guess all you who kept telling my heart to hold on to the hope and power that is in God.) The incredible thing about that phone call today was that the moment I was told that I'm leaving in 36 days, I felt nothing but peace. All my fears of "am i gonna get this or that done?" flew out the window and the peace of our Savior filled my heart. This peace is what I have to cling to in the next 36 days, the following 365 days, and the rest of my life. I am more than thankful for this peace. I can't imagine how I'd be feeling right now had that peace been clouded by anxiety, nerves and uncertainty. Surely these will come and go but my hope remains in the Lord. This peace is the glue that bonds my uncertainties to God's certainties and promises.

A few weeks ago I thought of this crazy idea to get a tattoo (yes mom, its still just an idea, I don't actually have one.). I wanted it to say "Strength & Courage" in Swahili: "Tani na Ushujaa." Originally my thoughts for getting this was for when I was on the mission field. To remind me to have strength and courage for whatever may come my way. For trials I may/will face. I'm starting to realize though that God calling Joshua to have strength and courage was not only when he was in battle and is not just for me when I'm overseas. Preparing for the mission field is begging me to be strong and courageous. My heart often feels heavy at the thought of leaving friends and family. Growing up in a military family I know this kind of loss all too well. Having two friends pass away over the last couple of years has also stirred up these emotions. Loss and change are two experiences in life that occurs often and in all sorts of ways....yet never promised to be easy to experience.

I am excited about whats to come. There are so many unknowns out there which gives way to the Lord to do work his in my life in ways I never could have imagined. I press forward with Tani na Ushujaa and hope that in those times on uncertainty that I can rememeber the way it felt today when that peace came over me and I knew I am completely in the Lord's hands...the safest place to be.


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