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Sunday, December 20, 2009

"Through the years We all will be together, If the Fates allow."

Apparently the "Fates" aren't "allowing" this one... So I figured I need to document this story before I forget about it and it just become another one of those "remember the time" stories...

Twas the week before Christmas and all through creature was packing, packing like a mouse. (Dont know what that means but I needed it to rhyme.)

The presents were packed in the luggage with care. In hopes in America, it would all arrive there.

Passengers were all nestled snug in the plane. While visions of snow danced in my brain.

And feet in their flip flops and I in my t-shirts, had just settled down to listen to Matt Wertz.

When in Amsterdam arose such a clatter, I sprang to the departure board to see what was a matter.

"Canceled," blinked on the screen so bright , And a scream I muffled with all my might.

Away to the Customer service bar I flew like a flash. Tore through the lines offering bling bling or cash.

"No flights today, I'll have you know." "Good grief" I thought of the new-fallen snow.

I rang a call to my home far from here, Awoke my father did in wonder and fear.

I shared the news of my canceled flight, and tears fell quickly hindering my sight.

When what to my wandering eyes should appear, The store H&M was ever near.

Off went the flip flops from my frozen toes, on went the boots and warm winter clothes.

Out of the airport I busted a move, zipped and buttoned my coat, I behooved.

Below zero the crazy temp read, my body was frozen...pinky toe to head.

With a little old driver, so lively and quick, I knew in a moment it must be Hotel Valk.

Our shuttle drove us to a large hotel, I scampered inside to see it so well.

Back in the cold I shivered and froze, while Amsterdam awaited, I wrinkled my nose.

Hussle and Bussle went the shoppers around. I walked and saw what was all this town.

As nighttime fell on the streets so dark, my train wouldn't budge and stayed in park.

A man on the tracks caused many delays. "Of course" I thought and headed back in the maze.

Finally a bus came out of the street, but many a stops did he need to meet.

After 50 or so stops the bus needed to make, ours was the last and oh my head ached.

Three hours till 'home' or hotel I should say, into bed I plopped...oh what a day!

The next morning I rose thinking "Today is the day", but all flights were cancelled... again I would stay.

A day in the city didn't seem all that bad, till delays on the train irritated me a tad.

Back to the hotel the bus tried to crawl, for into the snow it was luck of the draw.

Tomorrow means home... it IS the day. Almost Christmas....Please Pray Pray Pray !


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