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Friday, September 18, 2009


Ok, that may be a little dramatic sounding. Its not. Ha... I'm sure all my missionary friends who are reading this right now are laughing their heads off. Annnnnd, I'm being completely serious! These are one of those moments where I want to act like a 2 year old and just scream


Instead, I'll act my age and ask you all for some prayer.

Bugs. I hate bugs. And I say that with as much passion as Harrison Ford did in his Indian Jones films when he unveils his fear of snakes. I mean, I'm THAT girl who would rather flail around like an idiot if I see a spider on my wall than compose myself and squish the little dude.

This week I'm heading on an OFM trip up North to Korr. I was SUPER excited about this trip as we will be following a nomadic people group. I'm excited to capture some more photographs and be in on the action of OFM. Did you notice the use of the word "was" above? I just got finished talking with a friend about Korr and her experience there. I asked her how it was and there was just a long pause. (never a good sign). "How do you feel about bugs?" And then I got silent. Apperently this place is CRAWLING with bugs. Ohhh joy to the world! She described some of these bugs, and going against my better judgement I decided to google them. BIG mistake. Serioiusly? I can be such an idiot sometimes.

Here, take a look with me at the kind of bugs I'm talking about...

Such cute creatures, huh? I'm so sure they are all gonna want to cuddle up to me at night. I mean I consider myself a pretty tough cookie. I can handle a group of guys with their A-K47s pointed at my head, a 10 mile hike in Sudan, swimming way out into the ocean, braving the Nairobi roads. But seriously, bugs and I just dont' mix. There was one time in the year prior to me moving here that a bug landed on me and I jumped up and screamed while running away. I come back to join my friends in which they said "Ohhh, you are gonna do AWESOME in Africa." Touche, I deserved that one.

So, if you all can be praying for me. Seriously. Haha, stop laughing, its not funny! :) Just that I am not bothered by these bugs, and that I NEVER see a scorpion in my room. That I don't feel the bugs at all at night.... and don't suffocate from all the bug spray I'll be spraying in my room... Yes, guess who is buying the jumbo pack of bug spray tomorrow?

Deep breaths....


Courtney said...

ha! you're so funny! but i'll be praying! seriously!

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