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Sunday, November 15, 2009

"Karibu (welcome) to my Crib"

My sister reminded me today that I have yet to post where I'm living (My house, obviously you know the country... ) So in as much "Crib" style as I can, "Welcome to my Crib."

I live in a very tiny house on one of the missionary compounds. Unfortunately, I have a really long frustrating commute to work, all 30 seconds of it! :) Yep, all I have to do in the morning is walk out my front door, through a gate, up a little lane and in the front door of my office! Its pretty fantastic, not gonna lie! Because of how small my house is, photographic angles to capture these pictures were pretty limited, sooo I'll try to give you little details.

Welcome to my bathroom (ha, I feel funny typing this out. Anyways....)

Thanks to my mom for bringing out this fun shower curtain and matching bathmat! (Nothing fancy... around the corner is the toilet, sink, mirror and thats about all that could fit in there!)

Welcome to my Kitchen (yep, still feel funny...)

I never got around to painting the kitchen... sigh. But I was able to convert my old shower curtain into actual window curtains to try to brighten the place up! And thanks to Target (I miss you, Target) I have a nice rug to match the curtains. That apron is made by my friend Esther! It has all these cool little squares of African Fabric....makes baking all the more fun!

I got these frames from a missionary friend...they also help brighten up the kitchen...I miss those people in that picture a whole heck of a lot!

And this is my tea jar that I got from that cool glass place, Kitengela Glass! I also have a sugar jar, splenda jar, Chai tea Jar, and a popcorn jar...I learned how to make popcorn without a microwave!!! Woot Woot! :)

Welcome to my room!

I live on a single level house and so my windows, which are covered up by those curtains, are about 20 feet away from our gate, I obviously keep those closed haha. The funny looking texture on the wall is actually made from my light overhead! I love these lights... cool handmade twine light fixtures that I bought from a friend!

My quilt is another handmade beauty by my friend Esther! I just love the amazing rich colors that go into her quilts and that all the fabric is from different African countries! Just love it...

And over my head hangs this cool handmade frame that I had a different idea of what to do with it, but I liked this better.... inside are some more K-glass hanging vases with some red Gerber Daisies inside (thanks to my mom who sent them over with Hannah and Catherine! :) )

"Beeep Beeeep"

Whats that you hear? Oh, that's just my ride....pretty spiffy, huh? It has this amazing anti-theft feature on it called no "No Hubcaps So I Look Ghetto And No One Will Want To Steal." Device. And get this... that Device was FREE! Who would have thought??? Another safety feature is "Waiting To Clean Your Car But Once a Month"....I added that anti-theft feature myself!

And to wrap up the house...welcome to my living room!

I have to take the picture in two parts since its too small to take one of the whole thing. The room has a fireplace in the center that has yet to work....however I cleaned it out today and am going to attemempt to start a fire tonight to go with my Christmas movie, tea, and working on some design work...

First half...

Second half....

These frames are my favorite! They are made out of weathered African wood....My friend, "Mr. Handsome, " (I honestly have never gotten his real name out of him, this is what he tells everyone to call him) makes them and sells them at the market... really fun!

And of course, the house wouldn't be complete without little bit of holiday decoration....thanks to my mom, me and half of the missionaries in Nairobi have pumpkins to celebrate autumn and Thanksgiving! :) I have all mine on my fireplace and it really makes the place look "fall-ish!"

Well, thats the tour... all four rooms of it ;)


Anonymous said...

Only you could make a shabby Kenya abode look like Martha Stewarts' summer home. Awesome job! Wish I could see it! - Ryan (Your Bro)

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