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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Urgent Prayer

Please, Please be praying....

Around 4:30 yesterday I got word that one of our AIMair airplanes had crashed in Nairobi. Two of our missionaries were on board as well as two media men filming a documentary. The two passengers are in stable condition (however be praying for Dan as he has complained of abdominal pains today). The airplane mechanic has suffered severe burns, cuts, and broken bones. Unfortunately, I am sad to say that the pilot did not make it.... he is now in Heaven with our Lord. Please be praying for the family's of these missionaries. They need prayer support right now for strength, healing, peace, and encouragement. We are all soo saddened by these events and need prayer to be able to find ways to comfort and encourage these families during this time.

The following is a letter from the General Manager of AIMair:

An accident occurred on August 1, with an AIM AIM Cessna 206. It occurred around 2:30PM (EAT) near the Nairobi Wilson Airport. There were four people on board; AIM AIR pilot Frank Toews, AIM AIR mechanic Ryan Williams and two Americans. At this time there is still medical evaluation being done but this is what we know: The two passengers have some broken bones, minor burns, cuts and bruises. They are both being kept in the hospital for treatment and further evaluation. Ryan Williams' injuries currently include a fractured pelvis, multiple contusions and some significant burns. However, his prognosis is good and he is receiving good medical attention in Nairobi. Frank Toews, the pilot, did not survive the accident and has gone to be with the Lord and Savior whom he loved dearly and served well.

Please pray with us, specifically for the timely return for health of those who are injured, their families, and particularly for Frank's wife and 4 children as they trust God for strength and comfort during this difficult time.

We are trusting God, with all of you, to show Himself to be good, even beyond our expectations and understanding of what good could mean, in a
situation like this.

Denny Dyvig
AIM AIR General Manager


Bev said...

Thank you for the update. We are old church friends of Tiffany and are joining you all in prayer for her and the children and families. Also praying for the others that were on board.
Bev Sessoms

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