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Thursday, March 19, 2009


Warning...very girlie post: I spent the day today decorating my room. One thing I didn't realize before contracting myself to this job was that there are NO paint rollers to be found here. right arm is pretty much dead now after painting from 7am-2pm with a single paintbrush. As I was painting I kept getting new ideas of what I wanted to do, which is why it took so long. Its amazing what a can of paint, paintbrush, and tons of painting tape can do! Except for a dresser and a possible chair, my bedroom is finished! :)


Justin and Shannon said...

Your room is awesome! We love the colors and the added artist touches you put to it. Hunter wants to know when you are going to come and paint her room pink for her.

Kate. said...

Ahh. YES! All of the envisioning of your room came to be! Love it.

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