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Monday, February 16, 2009

From Swahili lessons to a cup of tea...

Ngong Town is where I have been staying for the past 3 days! I moved in with a Kenyan Family on Saturday and it has been quite the cultural experience so far! I was greeted with a Kenyan Feast! They kept telling me to eat more and more! I thought I had to since it was my first night and I didn't want to offend them on Day 1 but by the time I was finished the "momma" of the house asked me how I had room for all of that! After 3 other meals with them I've found a plan...take TINY TINY portions and then add on smaller ones if necessary. Momma also informed me that since she was in classes most of the day that I would be doing the cooking. Whether she was joking or not, I figured to play it safe and act like she was joking. I told her it would be a mistake to have me cook since I only know how to make Muzungu (westerner) food...apparently thats all I needed to say because she hasn't mentioned a word since! The next morning I woke up to momma in the kitchen preparing chai for breakfast. It was then that she handed me a large tin milk jug and a plastic basin as she informed me that my shower was broken and that is how I would bathe. I think the best part about all of that was watching her try to teach me how to properly bath with a basin. Obviously I did it wrong the first day cause my hair felt so dirty the entire day...this is something I will have to perfect! I'll keep you updated with the basin progression. ;)

On Sunday we attended an Africa Inland Church. There were tons of Mzungu (westerner) visitors there and I got to meet some fellow AIM-ers. After church my host family drove me past my language school so that I would be familiar with where my bus would drop me off. (That was quite sweet of them). They also asked their nephew to take me on the matatu (crazy Kenyan Buses) route so I would know how much to pay and where to go and get off. I think I memorized the number of matatus and stage stops better then I've memorized anything in my entire life! I've also accumulated phone numbers from MANY Kenyans...Anyone I think may be helpful in case I get lost. Haha...I think they think that I must be prone to getting lost! I was also able to phone home to my family yesterday and had a great conversation with them. I think its starting to sink in that this is my LIFE for the next year...their voices were definitely a breath of fresh air and so encouraging to talk and relate to. I miss everyone indeed!

Today I had my first day of language first day to ride a matatu alone! I know you all were praying for me because I wasn't nervous at all! Surprisingly I almost fell asleep on it! I got to language school a bit early and was able to start a book I brought "Passion and Purity" by Elizibeth Elliot. So far its been a great book and I can relate to Elizebth so well on the level of being a Female Missionary in a far off land and everything it took to get here.

After language school I stopped for a cup of tea at a cafe. As I was sitting there "doing the African thing" I thought to myself...I am actually here. I'm actually in Kenya sitting at a cafe table and sipping some Kenyan tea I was even able to converse with the waitress using some of the phrases I had learned earlier that day! I probably looked silly sitting alone and smiling so big but I couldn't help smiling knowing that God has been faithful to bring me here, to encourage me when times get tough and to even provide a cafe table and a cup of Kenyan tea to ponder all that He is, has done and will do! Praise the Lord. And thank you all for your prayers....I feel them so please don't stop! :) I pray for you all often!


Kate. said...


My heart is SO happy to hear that your first day went well! You have no idea how special it was to finally hear your voice the other day... Goodness, I've missed you like crazy!

I can just picture you sitting at that table... May God continue to make life so rich for you, friend.

Love and prayers to you!

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